Can't access rexster interface via browser — connection refused

I have installed the complete “Titan 0.5.2 with Hadoop 2” package in a docker container. I am able to run gremlin, load the sample graph database, and interact with it via the command line, but I’m unable to access the rexster interface via my browser.

I’m using Boot2Docker to interact with the container. I’m attempting to access /graphs using the VM’s IP. I’ve verified that I’m configuring the ports correctly (EXPOSE in the dockerfile, -p in the RUN command) using a simple web server container. But when I try to access the the 8182 port, I get a “Connection Refused” error in my browser. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. Thoughts? Thanks!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can't access rexster interface via browser — connection refused”

    You may need to change “base-uri” in rexster config xml. Check this link for example

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