Can't access docker container on port 80 on OSX

In my current job we have development environment made with docker-compose.
One container is nginx, which provide routing to other containers.
Everything seems fine and work to my colleague on windows and osx. But on my system (osx El Capitan), there is problem with accessing nginx container on port 80.

There is setup of container from docker-compose.yml

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  • nginx:
        build: ./dockerbuild/nginx
            - 80:80
            - php
            - app
    ... and more

    In ./dockerbuild/nginx there is nothing special, just nginx config as we know it from everywhere.

    When I run everyting with docker-compose create and docker-compose start. Then docker ps give me

    3b296c1e4775        docker_nginx           "nginx -g 'daemon off"   About an hour ago   Up 47 minutes>80/tcp, 443/tcp        docker_nginx_1

    But when I try to access it for example via curl I get error. curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 80: Connection refused

    I try to run container with port 81 and everything works fine.

    Port is really binded to docker

    22:47 $ sudo lsof -i -n -P | grep TCP
    com.docke 14718         schovi   38u  IPv4 0x6e9c93c51ec4b617      0t0    TCP *:80 (LISTEN)

    Firewall in osx is turned off and I have no other security.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Can't access docker container on port 80 on OSX”

    if you are using docker-for-mac:

    Accessing by localhost:80 is correct, though you still have to ensure you do not have a local apache/nginx service running. Often leftovers from boxen/homebrew exist binding that port, because thats what developers did back then 🙂

    if you are using dockertoolbox/virtualbox/whatever hypervisor

    You will not be able to access it by localhost, by by the docker-machine ip, so write docker-machine ip default and the use http://$ip:80 in your browser

    if that does not help

    Ensure your nginx container actually does work, so connect to the container: docker exec -i -t <containerid> bash

    and then run ps aux nginx or if telnet is installed try to connect to localhost


    Problem was, that long long time ago I installed pow (super simple automated rails server which run application on app_name.local domain). And this beast left LaunchAgent script which update pf to forward port 80 to pow port.

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