Cannot start container: process is killed

my containers are killed on a new installation of Fedora 24 atomic:

#docker run -ti nginx /bin/bash

docker: Error response from daemon: Cannot start container f24104b29f7f1f1614024414e8346e1a98c722c027f4122e6c70f7ace0cc5353: [9] System error: exit status 1.

After some debugging session, I think the process gets killed right after trying to assign an address on network bridge (see docker daemon logs in the next links). But I have no idea why is that nor how to debug further.

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  • Some additional info is reported here:

    • SELinux is disabled:
      • bash-4.3# getenforce -> Permissive
    • docker info
    • docker daemon log in debug mode. At line 9 it receives the KILL signal.

    Any help would really be appreciated!



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  • One Solution collect form web for “Cannot start container: process is killed”

    I’ve just found the problem:

    Adding the systemd flag to the launch script of the daemon:
    –exec-opt native.cgroupdriver=systemd

    solved the problem.

    Thanks, Federkun, for help!



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