cannot pm2 list in docker containers

I build a Docker image with Node.js and pm2. I started the container with:

docker run -d --name test -p 22 myImage

Then I go inside the container with:

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    In the container, exec the command:

    pm2 list

    And it stuck here:

    enter image description here

    P.s.: My application works well in the Docker container, if I add CMD pm2 start app.js in the Dockerfile.

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    If your dockerfile CMD is a pm2 command, you have you include –no-daemon arg option so pm2 runs in the foreground and so your docker container continues to run.

    An example Dockerfile CMD:

    CMD ["pm2", "start", "app.js", "--no-daemon"]

    Otherwise, without –no-daemon, pm2 launches as a background process and docker thinks the execution of the pm2 command is done running and stops.


    CMD ["pm2-docker", "pm2.yaml"]

    This is the new approach.

    Please do not use previous approaches.

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