Cannot install docker pkg dependency in Go

I’m trying to use the docker package in one of my Go applications. I’m importing the package as import "" in my script. But when trying to build the dependencies, that is, when I run go get in my project directory, it says:

foo.go:9:2: no buildable Go source files in /home/neville/gocode/src/

Here, my GOPATH is set to /home/neville/gocode, so when doing go get, the package should get downloaded to /home/neville/gocode/pkg, instead of /home/neville/gocode/src. What am I missing here?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Cannot install docker pkg dependency in Go” isn’t a Go package, and that’s why there are no source files in that directory.

    Import the package you want directly, like so for the registry package:

    import ""

    Also, go get does download into $GOPATH/src. The installed object files go in $GOPATH/pkg.

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