cannot access Docker remote registry

I am using docker from a Ubuntu VM. I set up an unsecure registry using the steps mentioned in this link. I can push & pull images from the registry in the host machine but I cannot access the registry from another machine in the same network.

I have done the following –

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    1. Edited the /etc/default/docker and edited the DOCKER_OPTS as follows –


    2. Restarted the VM .

    3. Started the registry as follows –

      docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --name registry registry:2

    Everything works as expected till this point . I can pull/push images into the registry.

    Now how do I access the registry from another machine . I tried adding an ip-host entry ( in the /etc/hosts file but it din’t help. I can ping from the remote machine but cannot access the registry.

    Can someone point out what is it that I am doing wrong or need to do more?

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