Can travis-ci run docker?

I am unable to run a docker container in a Travis continuous integration job.

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  • pkg/installation_tests/
    Segmentation Fault or Critical Error encountered. Dumping core and aborting.
    pkg/installation_tests/ line 16:  7343 Aborted                 docker build $dir
    make: *** [docker_install_tests] Error 1

    My guess is that there are missing kernel stuff in the travis workers, but it is difficult to tell.

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    As of August 2015, Travis CI officially supports Docker.

    See Using Docker in Builds for usage details.

    Sorry, while we currently support Docker as an alternative virtualization platform, we don’t directly support running Docker inside of the current setup, at least directly.

    However, there are workarounds that could help you there from the fine folks at Docker themselves:

    In case you have not yet solved the problem yourself, here you can find a practical example of the solution suggested above.

    Docker will be the best open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.