Can I use Docker-Compose to create Networks without Containers

I’ve been playing with Docker-Compose for the last few days to see if it would simplify my Docker Container and Network building process.

I’m pretty happy with it, but ran into a problem when I wanted to create a few ‘Networks’ that didn’t get used by any ‘Services’ (yet).

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  • The reason I want this behavior was to have a Docker-Compose file to create my local fabric of ‘Private’ network and ‘Public’ Network. And a separate Docker-Compose for each of my projects that utilize those already created ‘external’ networks.

    I noted that I was able to just specify a dummy container to initialize the creation of the Networks, but it seemed unnecessary. e.g..

    version: '2'
      # Dummy Service
        image: busybox
        container_name: dummy
        hostname: dummy
      # Private Network for all Services (across Projects)
        driver: bridge
          driver: default
          - subnet:

    Is there a setting/flag that I’m overlooking, or is there currently no way to use Docker-Compose to create Networks without Containers.

    Additionally, am I just approaching this incorrectly?

    Essentially I’d like to have a network that live on regardless of what containers join/leave it.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can I use Docker-Compose to create Networks without Containers”

    There’s a check inside of docker-compose for whether the network is used, and if it’s unused, it skips creating the network:

    $ cat
    version: '2'
    $ docker-compose -f --verbose up
    WARNING: Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: test1, test2
    $ docker network ls | grep test

    I’d recommend doing this as a small shell script, calling docker network create instead of trying to use docker-compose for this task.

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