Can I specify a file instead of a directory to send to the container in the file?

I cannot find the reference documentation to the available fields in I’m trying to import /dev/log from the host into the container so that I can centralize logs to logstash.

From the example, we can see that there is “HostDirectory” and “ContainerDirectory” however I can’t find any analogue for “HostFile”/”ContainerFile”.

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      "AWSEBDockerrunVersion": "1",
      "Authentication": {
        "Bucket": "my-bucket",
        "Key": "mydockercfg"
      "Image": {
        "Name": "janedoe/image",
        "Update": "true"
      "Ports": [
          "ContainerPort": "1234"
      "Volumes": [
          "HostDirectory": "/var/app/mydb",
          "ContainerDirectory": "/etc/mysql"
      "Logging": "/var/log/nginx"

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can I specify a file instead of a directory to send to the container in the file?”

    You can mount a host file as a data volume:

    So you should be able to use the "Volumes" section to mount your file to your container.

      "Volumes": [
          "HostDirectory": "/dev/log",
          "ContainerDirectory": "/dev/log"
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