Building the MongoDB Docker image

Following this docker example to build and run a mongo db image.
But not able to build the image.

sudo docker build --tag himanshuy/repo

Usage: docker build [OPTIONS] PATH | URL | -

Build a new image from the source code at PATH

  --force-rm=false     Always remove intermediate containers, even after unsuccessful builds
  --no-cache=false     Do not use cache when building the image
  --pull=false         Always attempt to pull a newer version of the image
  -q, --quiet=false    Suppress the verbose output generated by the containers
  --rm=true            Remove intermediate containers after a successful build
  -t, --tag=""         Repository name (and optionally a tag) to

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Building the MongoDB Docker image”

    Try specifying the path to your Dockerfile (use . if you already are in that folder) and using = with --tag or without it if you use -t; so:
    sudo docker build -t himanshuy/repo . or
    sudo docker build --tag=himanshuy/repo .

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