Build a Docker image on top of CodeBuild Docker Image

As AWS CodeBuild provides “Docker” curated images (,
I’d like to reuse one of those to build my custom CodeBuild Image (

I don’t know the CodeBuild Registry Url.
How to reference those images (FROM) ?

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    CodeBuild’s internal Docker repository used for Curated Images is not publicly accessible. You should build your own base image from the official Dockerfiles.

    The AWS CodeBuild provides also a console where you can use these images. I think they use Amazon EC2 Repository to provide these internally, like the one you can use. but there isn’t a public registry (or I already haven’t found).

    You can find these images to create Docker machines using the build spec defined by Amazon

    I found this public image but is not official:

    So you can use it as follows:

    FROM sandorzelei/aws-codebuild
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