Bower dependicies with postinstall on Docker

It is possible to install bower dependicies using postinstall in package.json on docker with docker-compose?

package.json file:

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  •    {
          "name": "mongocrud",
          "version": "0.0.0",
          "private": true,
          "scripts": {
            "start": "node ./config/server.js",
            "postinstall": "node ./node_modules/bower/bin/bower install",
            "test": "mocha"
          "dependencies": {


    FROM node:7.7.2-alpine
    WORKDIR /application
    COPY package.json .
    COPY bower.json .
    COPY .bowerrc .
    RUN npm install -g bower
    RUN npm install
    COPY . .
    EXPOSE 3000
    CMD ["npm", "start"]


    version: '3'
            image: mongo:3.4.4
            command: mongod
            container_name: mongo-container
                - 27017:27017
             build: .
             container_name: express-container
                - 3000:3000
             working_dir: /application
                - mongodb
             command: npm start

    And after use docker-compose up application works fine but missing bower dependicies, can I fix that?


    This I found in console after docker-compose up:

    npm WARN lifecycle mongocrud@0.0.0~postinstall: cannot run in wd %s %s (wd=%s) mongocrud@0.0.0 node ./node_modules/bower/bin/bower install /application


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Bower dependicies with postinstall on Docker”

    Change node ./node_modules/bower/bin/bower install to bower install --allow-root in postinstall script. The --allow-root is to prevent you from permission errors.

    Or you can remove the postinstall script and add RUN bower install --allow-root after RUN npm install in the Dockerfile.

    And bower requires git to work, you have to install git first in your Dockerfile.

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