bootstrapping a node using chef

Please help me out with the following. I am trying to bootstrap a docker container. The target is Ubuntu 14.04. [2016-02-03T04:31:57+00:00] ERROR: Error connecting to https://, retry 1/5 ======================================================================== Chef encountered an error attempting to create the client "nodename2" ======================================================================== Network Error: There was a network error connecting to the Chef Server: Error connecting to - getaddrinfo: Name or service not known Relevant Config Settings: ------------------------- chef_server_url  "https://" If your chef_server_url is correct, your network could be down. Running handlers: [2016-02-03T04:33:07+00:00] ERROR: Running exception handlers Running handlers complete [2016-02-03T04:33:07+00:00] ERROR: Exception handlers complete Chef Client failed. 0 resources updated in 01 minutes 18 seconds [2016-02-03T04:33:07+00:00] FATAL: Stacktrace dumped to 
/var/chef/cache/chef-stacktrace.out [2016-02-03T04:33:07+00:00] FATAL: Please provide the contents of the stacktrace.out file if you file a bug report [2016-02-03T04:33:07+00:00] ERROR: Error connecting to - getaddrinfo: Name or service not known [2016-02-03T04:33:07+00:00] FATAL: Chef::Exceptions::ChildConvergeError: Chef run process exited unsuccessfully (exit code 1)

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    It looks like their is a space in the URL that shouldn’t be there. Check the knife.rb on your workstation.

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