Bluemix port binding

Official instructions state the following:

    ice ip bind <Address> <Your_Container>

    where <Address> is the returned IP address.

Your application is set up and ready to use. If you used ibmliberty as
your base image in the Dockerfile, as in the previous example, you can
access your running IBM WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Profile
server by pointing your web browser to: http://:9080/

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  • I got the list of my IPs using “sudo ice ip list”.
    Then I tried to bind the IP using three different commands:

    user@comp:~$ sudo ice bind http://$ip/ $containerId
    user@comp:~$ sudo ice ip bind http://$ip:$port $containerId
    user@comp:~$ sudo ice ip bind http://$ip:$port $containerName

    But got the same error message:

    Target is container cloud. Invoking cloud service...
    usage: ice [-h] [--verbose] [--cloud | --local]
    ice: error: argument subparser_name: invalid choice: 'bind' (choose from 'login', 'tlogin', 'ps', 'run', 'inspect', 'logs', 'start', 'stop', 'restart', 'pause', 'unpause', 'rm', 'images', 'search', 'info', 'ip', 'help')

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Bluemix port binding”

    I was able to bind succesfully using following command syntax

    sudo ice ip bind $ip $containerName

    Contrary to official instructions the ip bind command does not like “http://” and “:port” arguments.

    Sorry about that. The team is working on getting the docs updated. Thanks for finding this!

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