Bluemix Docker container cf ic run doesn't seem to accept -p sub-command

The says cf ic run support -p sub-command.

However, I have attempted many time to bind port with

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  • cf ic run -it --name container_name -p 80:8080 registry.../ns/image_name:tag

    However, port 80 is not binded but the default port which exposed by the docker which in this case 8080.

    Is this a bug, or I have done something wrong?

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    You are using the command in the wrong way. Please take a look at the cf ic run Documentation. As you can see the syntax is:

    cf ic run -p <hostPort>:<containerPort> registry.../ns/image_name:tag

    That means that if you want to bind the port 80 on the container to the port 8080 on the host you should do this:

    cf ic run -p 8080:80 registry.../ns/image_name:tag

    The behavior that you are experiencing is correct: you are actually binding the port 8080 on the container to the 80 on the host, so it is correct that you see the 8080 open on your container.

    your run command creates a mapping between 8080 port on your container and the 80 on hosting env: if your container exposes the 8080 port I think it should be still reachable on the containers env

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