Best way to copy files from Docker volume on remote server to local host?

I’ve got,

  1. My laptop
  2. A remote server I can SSH into which has a Docker volume inside of which are some files I’d like to copy to my laptop.

What is the best way to copy these files over? Bonus points for using things like rsync, etc.. which are fast / can resume / show me progress and not writing any temporary files.

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  • Note: my user on the remote server does not have permission to just scp the data straight out of the volume mount in /var/lib/docker, although I can run any containers on there.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Best way to copy files from Docker volume on remote server to local host?”

    I’m not sure about the best way of doing so, but if I were you I would run a container sharing the same volume (in read-only — as it seems you just want to download the files within the volume) and download theses.

    This container could be running rsync as you wish.

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