Bash Command Templating For Docker

I have a commonly typed and now tedious command to start and link a docker container. It’s something like:

docker run -d --name my-running-container --link app:some-app-command --link rabbitmq:amq --link mysql:db --link neo4j:neo --link solr:solr my-image

I would prefer to just execute:

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  • docker run --name my-running-container my-image

    How can i achieve this?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Bash Command Templating For Docker”

    You can create a simple bash script named docker or whatever name you like:

    DOCKER=`which docker`
    $DOCKER run -d --name $1 --link rabbitmq:amq --link mysql:db --link neo4j:neo --link solr:solr $2

    and then run it like ./docker my-running-container my-image

    The same thing could be achieved with bash alias:

    alias docker='docker run -d --name $1 --link rabbitmq:amq --link mysql:db --link neo4j:neo --link solr:solr $2'

    If you want to save the alias just add it at the end of ~/.bash_aliases and reload your shell.

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