AWS ECS agent won't start

When I try to run the ECS agent, I get the following error in the ecs-init.log*:

[INFO] Agent exited with code 5
[ERROR] agent exited with terminal exit code

And in the ecs-agent.log* file I get this:

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  • [CRITICAL] Data mismatch; saved cluster 'cluster1' does not match configured cluster 'cluster2'. Perhaps you want to delete the configured checkpoint file?

    Any idea where is that checkpoint file?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “AWS ECS agent won't start”

    I found the answer myself. The checkpoint file is located in this directory: /var/lib/ecs/data/ecs_agent_data.json.
    Just delete that json file and start the ECS agent again running start ecs.
    Thanks to this forum post, which indirectly led me to the answer:

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