AWS container service: set max_map_count

I’m trying to run Elasticsearch on AWS container service. Here the documentation that I’m following:

The vm_map_max_count setting should be set permanently in

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  • $ grep vm.max_map_count /etc/sysctl.conf


    To apply the setting on a live system type: sysctl -w

    Is there any way to set the vm.max_map_count via script? I don’t want to do it manually every time I run a new container.


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    You could still set it permanently in /etc/sysctl.conf as per you’ve mentioned in your Q. Didn’t it work?


    as per this ticket you could set it up as follows:

    sysctl -qw vm.max_map_count=65535

    Hope it helps!

    I found a solution:

    1. create an empty container
    2. Launch an EC2 inside the previous container:
    3. Add the user data ( as follow:
    echo vm.max_map_count=262144 >> /etc/sysctl.conf
    sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

    Now the EC2 instance is properly configured.

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