AWS cloudwatch terminal output logs

I’m currently doing my internship, and we were tasked to set up a hawkbit service on EWS ECR.
Hawkbit is used for software update roll-outs. We hace hit 2 bumps that we’re currently stuck on.

first if we run the docker image on our local server the hawkbit service starts automatically by using a sh-file and running the following command in our dockerfile : CMD [“/”]

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  • if we run the image in a cluster on ECR the service doesn’t start automatically.

    secondly, when hawkbit is running it outputs on the terminal, I can out this output into a log file, however, I’m not able to check the log on cloudwatch.
    I used the following to create the file and put the input into the file:
    2>&1 > /var/log/hawkbit/hawkbit

    and I’ve edited the awslog.conf file as following:

    file = /var/log/hawkbit/hawkbit.*
    log_group_name = /var/log/hawkbit/hawkbit
    log_stream_name = {cluster}/{container_instance_id}
    datetime_format = %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ

    any idea’s would be very appreciated

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  • One Solution collect form web for “AWS cloudwatch terminal output logs”

    Things to check regarding awslogs agent:

    1. ensure that the service is running
    2. check /var/log/awslogs.log file for errors
    3. make sure instance has role attached with permissions sufficient for agent to work, read about required permissions here.
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