Atomic OS/Core OS for large scale Mesos cluster?

I’m in the process of planning a proof-of-concept setup of Mesos, Kubernetes (or maybe Marathon and/or Aurora) and Docker. The idea is to provision a cluster in our datacenter as a Mesos cluster and use e.g. Kubernetes to orchestrate the Docker containers.

For Docker and Kubernetes there are atomic host OSes like Project Atomic and CoreOS that are immutable and atomically updated but is there anything similar for Mesos, i.e. an immutable, atomic and lightweight platform for running the Mesos slaves and masters on bare metal or in a VM?

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  • I figure such a platform would be the best way to distribute Mesos across a cluster (especially if it’s a big cluster) and then the rest of the functionality provided by Kubernetes and Docker would run on top of Mesos. Thus there is no need to distribute e.g. Docker to each node; my impression is that it’s taken care of by the Mesos-Docker integration.

    Any alternatives to distribute Mesos across a big cluster/data-center that doesn’t require manual or Puppet/Chef/Ansible provisioning would also be of interest.

    Regards, Ola

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