ArangoDB Services from Web Interface not accessible

I’ve started ArangoDB from a docker container with -e ARANGO_NO_AUTH=1 and mapped the volumes /var/lib/arangodb3 and /var/lib/arangodb3-apps to my local drive. Next i wanted to create a new app but when i click Services from the web interface i get following error:

GET 400 (Bad Request)

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  • Do i need to be authenticated to do that or is this a docker problem? There are no errors in the log.

    Im using the latest version from docker hub in this case version 2.8.9

    Docker command:

    docker run -e ARANGO_NO_AUTH=1 -p 8529:8529 --name arangodb-i -v /home/me/projects/dbs/arango/db:/var/lib/arangodb3 -v /home/me/projects/dbs/arango/apps:/var/lib/arangodb3-apps arangodb/arangodb

    ArangoDB Info:

    INFO ArangoDB 3.0.0 [linux] 64bit, using VPack 0.1.30, ICU 54.1, V8, OpenSSL 1.0.1k 8 Jan 2015

    The error message comes in both Chrome and Firefox but not in curl.

    This error does not occur when i install arangodb in ubuntu, only when i run it with docker.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “ArangoDB Services from Web Interface not accessible”

    It seems like the docker image needs the Authorization header set, but because of the ARANGO_NO_AUTH it doesn’t seem to matter what it’s set to:

    docker run --rm -e ARANGO_NO_AUTH=1 -p 8529:8529 arangodb/arangodb:3.0.0
    curl  -H "Authorization: foo bar"
    [{"mountId":"81","mount":"/_api/gharial","name":"gharial","description":"ArangoDB Graph Module","author":"ArangoDB GmbH","system":true,"development":false,"contributors":[{"name":"Michael Hackstein","email":""}],"license":"Apache License, Version 2.0","version":"3.0.0","path":"/usr/share/arangodb3/js/apps/system/_api/gharial/APP","config":{},"deps":{},"scripts":{}},{"mountId":"75","mount":"/_admin/aardvark","name":"aardvark","description":"ArangoDB Admin Web Interface","author":"ArangoDB GmbH","system":true,"development":false,"contributors":[{"name":"Heiko Kernbach","email":""},{"name":"Michael Hackstein","email":""},{"name":"Lucas Dohmen","email":""}],"license":"Apache License, Version 2.0","version":"3.0.0","path":"/usr/share/arangodb3/js/apps/system/_admin/aardvark/APP","config":{},"deps":{},"scripts":{}}]

    This also works:

    curl  --user foo:bar

    The 2.8.9 image does not have this issue.

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