Api-Testing getting a mess with vagrant

Im doing API-testing (no web-API).
I feel that I have a complicated setup.

For Development:
We are using a vagrant-box (suse) for development that gets all its files via an ansible playbook. Included are instructions to clone some repositories from git (license keys, startscripts, and the tests themselves that are written in ruby and then startet with ctest).

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  • For testing:
    For testing I use a centos-node (diffeent os) that is setup by a similar playbook. Then files that have to be fresh are injected via a jenkins pipeline script into that node.

    I get frustrated configuring the tests on both machines because of the different setup (different working directories and so on). Then Vagrant is also a little bit slow.
    We want to have the tests in Jekyll so that they run once a day.

    I heard of docker being good for testing.
    We are not in need of a GUI.

    Would it be a good idea to switch to docker?

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