Apache2 in docker container gives 403 on statically served files

I’m having a weird issue and am looking for ideas.

I’m running an apache2 debian image that serves some static files, and has a few redirect rules.
Running a container works fine, but results in 403 (permission denied) errors on any request (curl as well as browser).

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  • When I then exec into the container and perform an ls in a static file folder (such as css), those files are being served correctly on the next request.
    My current workaround is a startup script with a find /var/www/html/ -name '*'. This makes the container work as expected, with all the served files being accessible.

    • All the files have the correct owner (www-data) and permissions.
    • Docker version 1.7.1, but issue appeared also on 1.7.0
    • I’m running an Ubuntu VM, but my colleague reproduced this on a mac with docker machine.

    Whatever could be a reason for this behaviour?

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