All external DNS queries fail from within docker container

Current docker version: 1.13.1, build 092cba3.

Contents of /etc/resolv.conf:

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    options ndots:0

    (real company name obfuscated).

    nslookup on the host itself is 100% fine, but from within container any external hostname look fails (can’t event run apt-get update).
    The same symptoms persist in all my hosts in the 4-node cluster.
    Note that internal service name resolution seems to be working between the containers.

    Running the same application directly on my laptop (on same office network) hostnames resolve fine.

    This is becoming a bit of a slow moving disaster.

    The cluster involved is still a pre-1.12 build, it that might have any bearing.

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    In Linux, the lo or localhost interface will have the address (i.e. netmask That netmask covers this entire range: -

    Since falls into this range, connections to that address will attempt to route via the lo interface (inside the container) as a connected route. Unless your container has that address configured internally and has a DNS resolver listening on that address, this will result in a connection timeout.

    You can probably solve this by either routing out the main interface of the container (e.g. eth0), or by changing the DNS resolver address so it is outside of

    You can also set DNS server IP(s) explicitly.

    docker run --dns                  # set one server
    docker run --dns --dns    # set multiple servers

    Or using docker-compose.yml:


    Here’s the setup I use:

    1. Install dnsmasq.
    2. Run echo interface=docker0 > /etc/dnsmasq.d/docker
    3. Restart dnsmasq.
    4. Add –dns to you docker-run or to the Docker daemon (adding it to the DOCKER_OPTS variable in /etc/default/docker or editing the ExecStart directive in /lib/systemd/system/docker.service).
    5. Restart Docker.

    Now you have all your containers pointing to Dnsmasq as a DNS resolver. Another plus side is that in your entries in /etc/hosts are resolved as well.

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