After installing Docker, docker-machine env default fails because ca.pem is not found

Just installed Docker, but docker-machine env default doesn’t work:

$ docker-machine env default
open /Users/me/.docker/machine/machines/default/ca.pem: no such file or directory

The path /Users/me/.docker/machine/machines/default exists but there’s no ca.pem in it. Just a bunch of other files.

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    You can also try regenerating the certificates for that docker-machine (e.g. default)

    docker-machine regenerate-certs default
    docker-machine restart default

    Usually during the creation of a machine the certs are set up. Just create a new machine from scratch like:

    docker-machine create --driver virtualbox dev
    docker-machine env dev

    That should work.

    If you are connected to a VPN while creating the VM, that may cause networking issues that prevent the CA from being properly shared. Try disconnecting from any VPNs before creating the VM.

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