ADD/COPY files with sbt-native-packager's docker support

I’m using sbt-native-packager 1.0.0-M5 to create my docker image. I need to add a file that’s not a source file or in the resource folder. My docker commands are as follows:

dockerCommands := Seq(
  Cmd("FROM", "myrepo/myImage:1.0.0"),
  Cmd("COPY", "test.txt keys/"), // <-- The failing part
  Cmd("WORKDIR", "/opt/docker"),
  Cmd("RUN", "[\"chown\", \"-R\", \"daemon\", \".\"]"),
  Cmd("USER", "daemon"),
  ExecCmd("CMD", "echo", "Hello, World from Docker")

It fails with: msg="test.txt: no such file or directory"

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  • So after digging around a bit it seems I need to have test.txt in target/docker/stage. Then it works. But how do I get it there automatically? The file is actually in the root folder of the project.

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    I managed to get it to work by adding the file to mappings in Universal. So for you, you would need something like this:

    mappings in Universal += file("test.txt") -> "keys/test.txt"

    You won’t need the COPY command if you do this, by the way.

    Now, I’m not sure if this is going to add this mapping to other sbt-native-packager plugins. I hope a commenter can tell me whether or not this is true, but my intuition is that it will do so, which might be a dealbreaker for you. But any workaround is better than none, right? If you use Build.scala you could maybe use a VM argument to tell sbt whether or not to add this mapping…

    I was able to get this working using dockerPackageMappings:

    dockerPackageMappings in Docker += (baseDirectory.value / "docker" / "ssh_config") -> "ssh_config"
    dockerCommands := (dockerCommands.value match {
      case Seq(from@Cmd("FROM", _), rest@_*) =>
         Cmd("Add", "ssh_config", "/sbin/.ssh/config")
      ) ++ rest

    I was able to add files this way:

    For example, to add a file located in src/main/resources/docker/some-file.ext

    dockerfile in docker := {
      val targetPath = "/usr/app"
      // map of (relativeName -> File) of all files in resources/docker dir, for convenience
      val dockerFiles = {
        val resources = (unmanagedResources in Runtime).value
        val dockerFilesDir = resources.find(_.getPath.endsWith("/docker")).get
        resources.filter(_.getPath.contains("/docker/")).map(r => dockerFilesDir.toURI.relativize(r.toURI).getPath -> r).toMap
      new Dockerfile {
        add(dockerFiles("some-file.ext"), s"$targetPath/some-file.ext")

    You may place all additional files (which must be included in container image) into folder src/universal. Content of that folder will be automatically copied in /opt/app folder within your container image. You don’t need any additional configuration. See “Getting started with Universal Packaging” for additional info.

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