add ssh keys in Docker

in my Dockefile i am adding ssh key to the docker and cloning a project from bitbucket.
i can pull another branch in the Docker file easily.

ARG key
ARG pub_key
RUN mkdir /root/.ssh/
RUN ssh-keyscan >> /root/.ssh/known_hosts
ADD $key /root/.ssh/
ADD $pub_key /root/.ssh/
RUN git clone******************/sql.git
WORKDIR "/sql"
RUN git pull origin testBranch

the repo is cloned sucesfully and and a pull is made successfully from the testBranch
when i run this docker using docker run command and try any git command it says

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    but the ssh key is present in the directory /root/.ssh

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  • One Solution collect form web for “add ssh keys in Docker”

    Your key is added against root user (/root/.ssh/). I guess when you run docker run you are switching to another user (maybe, docker).

    If you add your to correct user (the user after running docker run command) then it should work.

    $ whoami show you the current user.

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