Add Image to my Base Docker Image

I have a docker base image that runs CentOS 6.5. This image is saved on my computer. I could not find anything that talks about how to add more images into this base image. So for example I have this base image of CentOS6.5, I need too add postgresql 9.3, and php too this base image. Is there a way once you already have a base image made, to add more packages too that base image?

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    That’s the whole purpose of the Docker file : build something on top of an image.

    1. Create your dockerfile
    2. Build the new image and tag it with docker build -t <tag> <path/to/build/context>
    3. Then if you want to share it, push it to your private registry or to the docker hub to make it world accessible (docker push <tag>).

    The build context of step 2 is the parent directory of your Dockerfile. For instance if you run the command in the directory where your dockerfile is it would be docker build -t <tag> ..

    You can use Dockerfiles and docker build to do this e.g.:

    FROM yourCentos
    MAINTAINER your name
    RUN yum install ...
    CMD ...

    And then docker build -t="myImage" . in the direcotry where you created the dockerfile.

    Or you can upgrade youe images via CLI (not the preferd way!!) and commit them.

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