Accessing tag as an environment variable inside a Docker container

I’d like to be able to access the tag/revision used to build a docker container from within that container. Is there a simple way to surface the tag/revision during the build as an environmental variable?

For example, I would like an API running inside a container to know its current revision. Without docker I would normally use git to write the revision to the a file that the API can access, but this doesn’t seem to be the “Docker way”.

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    It is not an API, but you can always pass the tag with the -e of the run command. A short example $ docker run -it -e mytag=abc123 ubuntu:latest env | grep mytag
    and so inside your container mytag will contain the tag of the container.

    This is now possible with docker build arguments.

    docker build --build-arg TAG=v0.0.1 .

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