Accessing host different ports in production

im making an app with Vue.js as frontend and Rails as backend, everything running with docker on development and production.

in development, i can access the services with localhos:8080 (front end) and make request to the backend url with localhost:5678 (rails port).

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  • but when i deploy this to production, wich has a domain name(, i can view the front end but cant access the backen, i am unable to make any request.

    i try to make requests to and nothing happens, how can i access the backend port with a domain name?

    ps1: Im sorry if the question is not clear enough, feel free to ask anything
    ps2: I have correctly set up CORS access on the backend
    ps3: if i access the production server via IP, it works correctly, the problem is when i access via the domain name

    Command used to run front-end:

    docker build -t runaterra:ekko .
    docker run -d \
        -w /runaterra-ekko/ \
        -p 80:8080 \
        --name ekko \
        --restart unless-stopped \
        runaterra:ekko npm run dev

    Command used to run backend:

    docker-compose up -d --restart unless-stopped db
    docker-compose build app
    docker-compose run --rm app rake db:migrate
    docker-compose up -d --restart unless-stopped app

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Accessing host different ports in production”

    You didn’t expose port 5678 of your app to the internet.

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