accessing a docker container from another another container

i created two docker containers based on two different images. one of db and another for webserver. both containers are running on my mac osx.

i can access db container from host machine and same way can access webserver from host machine.

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  • however, how do i access db connection from webserver?

    the way i started db container is

    docker run –name oracle-db -p 1521:1521 -p 5501:5500 oracle/database:

    i started wls container as
    docker run –name oracle-wls -p 7001:7001 wls-image:latest

    I can access db on host by connecting to
    sqlplus scott/welcome1@//localhost:1521/ORCLCDB

    i can access wls on host as

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  • One Solution collect form web for “accessing a docker container from another another container”

    You will have to access db through the ip of host machine, or if you want to access it via localhost:1521, then run webserver like –

    docker run --net=host --name oracle-wls wls-image:latest

    See here

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