access my docker mysql container in java class

I’m leaning docker and trying to connect a db in my java application.

I already create the container and started it

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    I also accessed the container and create one database by bash. I’m having problem to connect the db on Java class.

    My Java method

    public DataSource dataSource() {
        DriverManagerDataSource dataSource = new DriverManagerDataSource();
        return dataSource;

    How can I connect and use my docker mysql database on Java application?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “access my docker mysql container in java class”

    Make sure you have open your port 3306 to the outside with -p 3306:3306 (not just -p 3306). By default, only linked container will be able to access your mysql port.

    Finally, if you are running Docker with a docker-machine, you will need to speficy the ip generated for the Docker VM rather than localhost.

    Good luck.

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