Access hosts zfs from docker container

Is there a way to access the hosts zfs snapshots from within the docker?

I’m trying to get some custom backup, using zfs snapshots with send/receive, running on a cluster of docker based servers. To stick to the current setup, I’d like the backup service to run in a docker container as well. I’m having a hard time figuring out if there’s any way to access the hosts file system, on an administrative level, from within a docker container.

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  • I basically need a way to run zfs list, zfs snap and zfs send from within the container. My gut tells me “no”, but maybe there’s a clever way by some mount options and privilege wizardry

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Access hosts zfs from docker container”

    Unfortunately, there is no way to do that. We’ve had the same problem ourselves, and the way we worked around it was by creating a container-less service which the containers can issue commands to, and the container-less service could then issue ZFS commands on their behalf and return the results. It’s not a perfect solution, but (at least for us) it was better than nothing.

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