Access container from outside (without port mapping)

I’m using Docker 1.13.1 on my Centos 7.3 virtual machine and run a container based on Centos 6 on it.
My problem is that I want to acccess my container from outside of the virtual machine but without port mapping!

Is there a way to access my container via IP or hostname?
Maybe I could give my container a IP from my DHCP like my virtual machine (10.10…) gets one?

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  • At the moment my container is using the default docker bridge (docker0) where he gets a IP like 172.17.0.*

    I have found a few similar questions but cant find a working solution for me.

    Thanks for helping me!

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Access container from outside (without port mapping)”

    On the docker host, after the container started with option -itd, for example: docker run -itd --name=mycon imageName bash, you can use: docker exec -it mycon[or container_id] bash to enter the container.

    Just to close this. I did it like this:

    On this Link someone say that you have to give the ethernet port on your VM another IP.
    And run your Docker Container like this: docker run -i -t --rm -p yourip:22:22 docker/image:tag

    22 is the Port your service is using.

    For more detailed explanation got to the link!

    Thanks for your help.

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