How to get docker to work within vagrant?

I am trying to deploy docker in vagrant using boot to docker but I keep on getting a weird error that won’t allow me to vagrant up, vagrant ssh .etc I have tried using boot2docker by using $ vagrant init yungsang/boot2docker $ vagrant up $ docker version $ docker images $ docker ps $ nc […]

'set' command work differently in terminal and in script in Docker

I have set some environment variables(available only at runtime not known while creating container) in a running docker container as I explained here Now when I go inside the container and run ‘set’ command I can see the environment variables but ‘env’ command does not show the variables I set using script. Now I want […]

Docker Selenium-Chrome container memory utilization

I’m using docker to run our automated protractor tests. Thing are going little out-of-control when the containers are hungry of RAM? Why docker-selenium-chrome container consumes more than 350 – 500 MB RAM during script automation execution? Is there a way to limit the size without affecting the performance of the automation script?

Docker cloud not find images after location changed

I changed docker storage location by use “drop-in” added a default.conf in /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/ [Service] ExecStart= ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd –graph=”/mnt/docker-data” –storage-driver=overlay ref: and use rsync to copy images, containers etc to this dir then i start docker and enter docker images no images docker ps -a no containers anyone can tell me why all my images and containers […]

Error running nodemon in Docker

I have a Dockerfile built off of the openresty/openresty:centos image that installs Node.js v6.9.1, and installs my Node packages to /usr/src/app/node_modules. I would like to first start my Node server and then start the Nginx server. I am attempting to use CMD and ENTRYPOINT to accomplish this as shown here: # Start the Node.js server […]

How do I run the Hetionet v1.0 docker container?

I’m trying to run the Hetionet v1.0 docker container mentioned in this SO post. I’ve setup a digitalocean droplet with Docker I ran docker pull dhimmel/hetionet and it worked Now I run docker run dhimmel/hetionet and the following happens (and never returns to the interactive shell prompt). If that completed successfully I think the last […]

How to correctly configure docker daemon listen on port, in Ubuntu16.04?

I would like to connect my host’s docker client to a custom docker daemon which runs on ubuntu 16.04 LTS. How to I correctly setup dockerd to listen to tcp://, so that I could connect from my host’s docker client to my ubuntu VM with $DOCKER_HOST=X.X.X.X:2376 # where X.X.X.X is the IP of my ubuntu […]

Shared Docker devicemapper lvm thinpool in a multiboot setup

I’m developing using Docker on a multiboot setup under both Fedora and Ubuntu on my laptop. I need this to rule out issues with selinux and/or apparmor so my build will work for both red hat(and friends) and debian(and friends). I’m using devicemapper in thin pool lvm configuration as storage backend. This was configured using […]

Dockerfile for flask application with matplotlib

I’m new to Docker. I want to deploy my Flask application using Docker. This and various other tutorials show how to deploy a simple Flask app. But I’m having trouble applying the things on these tutorials to a more complicated Flask app. Specifically, my app has to have matplotlib. I’m having some trouble installing it […]

How to load the Docker Container logs without lines limit

I have a question about docker logs for container. One of my container crashed so I would like to read the logs for this container to figure out what’s wrong. I use the command : docker logs [containerId] and the log shows on my terminal windows. However, the logs are too long and the terminal […]

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