Unable to activate chef-provisioning-docker-0.6 because chef-provisioning-1.1.1 conflicts with chef-provisioning (~> 0.9)

I have the following code in my Vagrantfile config.vm.provision “chef_zero” do |chef| chef.add_recipe ‘docker’ chef.add_recipe ‘chef-provisioning’ chef.add_recipe ‘chef-provisioning::docker’ This fails with a recipe compile error Gem::ConflictError. Console shows ==> default: Gem::ConflictError ==> default: —————— ==> default: Unable to activate chef-provisioning-docker-0.6, because chef-provisioning-1.1.1 conflicts with chef-provisioning (~> 0.9) ==> default: ==> default: ==> default: Cookbook Trace: […]

Debugging Django on Docker on Vagrant with IDE

I have quite the Docker stack at the moment, compiled from many containers, one of which is running an instance of Django. At the moment, I’m limited to debugging by importing logging and using logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) logger.debug(“your variable: ” + variableName) It’s totally inefficient and requires me to rebuild the docker stack every time […]

Creating demo Data to all apps and keeping it in Dockerfile

# Config files COPY config /actinbox_config/ COPY script /actinbox_script/ COPY database /actinbox_db/ # Config pyenv RUN echo ‘export PYENV_ROOT=”/root/.pyenv”‘ >> /root/.bashrc && \ echo ‘export PATH=”$PYENV_ROOT/bin:$PATH”‘ >> /root/.bashrc && \ echo ‘eval “$(pyenv init -)”‘ >> /root/.bashrc && \ # Config Nginx rm /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default && \ ln -s /actinbox_config/actinbox.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/actinbox.conf && \ # Config PostgreSQL […]

Some docker containers don't start on system boot

I’m using docker restart policies on my containers (–restart=always) running on Ubuntu 14.04. Example containers: docker run -d –restart=always redis:2.8 docker run -d –restart=always postgres:9.4 When I reboot the machine the postgres container starts automatically but the redis container does not. Is this a problem with docker restart policies or am I missing something? Edit: […]

Mount Github link as docker volume

Is there any way to mount github or other repo’s http link as docker volumes, so that when I start my docker container, it would be running with the new code which I’ve pushed to github or bitbucket ?

Unable to access directory added in docker container

I am trying to add a directory in the container I just created but can’t following steps I have taken. docker images isbhatt/prefixman v1 cbeed3545d24 About an hour ago 1.044 GB Then docker run -v /media/sf_MY_WINDOWS/GitRepo/SDS/SDSNG/:/tmp/SDSNG –name “prefixman_v1” isbhatt/prefixman:v1 Then committing into that container docker commit -m “prefixman_v1” 35fb30be015c which gave me an id and […]

boot2docker certificate error

I download the boot2docker@1.7.1 and install it through the package wizard. But when I try to run it, it throws me this error: An error occurred trying to connect: Post remote error: bad certificate I tried with all this options, but the issue remains.

get node port from test running in selenium docker hub

Is there a way to get the node port from the web driver? I have an interface where it shows me the processes running in the nodes of the hub, for debug purposes. In the final product I want to have a button VIEW that opens , programmatically, the vnc viewer on that node. I […]

Marathon constraints for mutually exclusive docker containers

I’m trying to implement a lizardfs cluster using mesos/marathon. I created some docker images for that purpose. I need to get a docker container of a certain type (lizardfs-master) NOT run on the same node that is already running another type of container (lizardfs-shadow or lizardfs-metalogger). That is, I need to run an instance of […]

Where i can find windows 64 bit box for vagrant

I searched lot for vagrant windows 64 bit box.Can anybody help me? I already searched on vagrant site but it has only 32 bit windows box and i need 64 bit box.

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